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  • Description - How Does it Works?


    Complete Google Ads setup with Management πŸ™‚

    The Campaign Include:

    • Complete campaign setup
    • Keywords research: Positive + Negative + Long Tail + KW Mapping
    • Attractive Ad Copies
    • Ads Extensions
    • Audience Research
    • Demographics Setup
    • Ad group structuring
    • Bidding
    • Call Ads when applicable

    Optimization/ Management Include :

    • Keywords Optimization
    • Ad Copy Optimization
    • Search Term & Negative Keywords Checkup
    • Audience Optimization
    • Ad Copy Optimization
    • CTR, CPA Optimization
    • Additional Ads or Groups or Keywords when needed
    • Bidding Optimization
    • A/B Testing
    • Device Management
    • Quality Score maintenance
    • Landing page consultation


    Management of the campaign will begin from the time of the order delivery


    Reach the most targeted audience to your website who is exactly searching for the product/service you offer 🎯

Google Ads Setup, Manage and Optimize - PPC campaigns

Improve Your Google Ads Campaigns
10x Your Results

Google Search

Google Retargeting Ads

Google Shopping - PLA Listing

Youtube Marketing

Google Call Ads

Google (Search/Maps)

Google Smart Campaigns

Google Conversion Tracking

Pick your budget, track results, listen to the phone calls and get more emails.

Google Ads | OPtimization | PPC Manager

Google Ads :

Account Ownership 

You own your account, any copy, any design, any landing pages, absolutely everything! We setup everything in your name!

Get Started

Google Ads Management

Target Audience Discovery

Analyze your target audience to discover the niche demographic to target effectively.

Competitor Analysis

Research competitors and find weak points to utilize in our campaigns

Kick Off Brainstorming

Discuss different idea, contest, techniques, methodology and overall marketing goals.

Ad Design and Development

Write your ad copy and design banner ads for your paid search campaign.

Landing Page Optimization

Write your landing page copy for targeted landing page ads for your amazing campaign.

Google Ads - Campaign Structure

Setup Campaigns

Setup accounts on the add networks we will advertise on.


Your banner ads will follow someone interested in your business or products on the internet and show them your advertisements over and over again.

Setup Tracking Codes

Setup conversion tracking and provide your company with effective ROI reporting. So we know what is working and what is not. We monitor this daily so that we can maximize your ROI.

Professional Reporting & Transparency

Monthly Reporting

Monthly we will report on traffic, conversions, ad spend and more.

Account Ownership

We setup everything in your name and you can have access to anything we setup at any time.

GeoTie LLC is located in Cherry Hill, NJ. It was started in 2017 to provide a quality yet affordable solution for small businesses to rank on Google.

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