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Geo Tie LLC Marketing - Nov 13, 2020

How To Ship Shopify Orders Directly From Amazon FBA Warehouse

How to Ship Your Products To Amazon

How to Connect Your Shopify Store Orders to Amazon FBA Warehouse

(automatically ship the items by Amazon FBA)

No longer pack up your own orders and get 2 day fast shipping.

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TThere are many FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) sellers who do a lot of research and work to choose specific products. Some of them might opt to get the product sent straight to Amazon’s warehouses, while other FBA sellers might prefer a different method. For example, some FBA sellers like to inspect the products themselves before anything else. Others might prefer to keep FBA storage costs low by not sending the product immediately.

Either way, FBA sellers certainly have the option to get their products to Amazon warehouses so that they can be sold as soon as possible. Here is some advice regarding how to ship your Shopify orders directly from an Amazon FBA warehouse.

First Steps

The first step is to head to the β€œManage Inventory” link in your Amazon Seller Central account. Then, you should choose the drop-down menu and click β€œEdit”, then click β€œβ€˜Send/Replenish Inventory.” You will then need to decide if you will be shipping from your home or business address, which is (likely) the address that you are using for your Shopify orders.

Next, you will be deciding whether you are sending individual products or case-packed products. Let’s say that you are sending multiple products, each with their own SKU, or stock keeping unit. In this case, you would want to choose individual products. If your shipments consist of just one SKU, choose β€œcase-packed products.” The next step is to clarify how many units and cases you are sending.

Types of Products

Amazon sells all sorts of different products, so they need to understand what exactly is being shipped. Some of these products have to be prepped and labeled a certain way, and Amazon will, at this point, ask you about the kind of product that you are sending.

Let’s say that you have a Shopify business that creates baby products. You may be getting ready to ship a new order, but Amazon will want to know whether you have the right prepping materials for baby products. After all, there are safety laws and requirements regarding how baby products are sold. For example, items are usually sold in transparent bags with suffocation warnings.

If you do not have any materials available, you could always pay Amazon a fee to prep your products for you. These fees will range depending on the type of prep that your product requires.


The last step is to choose how your products will be labeled. FBA sellers could print labels and label the items themselves. There may be some circumstances in which FBA seller will have to use the manufacturer’s barcode. You can also pay Amazon a fee to label the products for you if that is preferable.


Once these steps are complete, FBA sellers can then choose where to send shipments. Of course, you can break your shipments up and send them to different warehouses. You can also choose to ship your products to just one warehouse. After this step, sellers will need to choose their shipping service and decide exactly how the items will be packed.

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