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Geo Tie LLC Marketing - Nov 13, 2020

How Live Chat on Your Website Can Maximize Conversions

Organizations employ various methods to boost their sales, and one that you could be using to maximize your conversions is live chat. Surveys suggest that live chats tend to lead to more conversions than promotional emails and phone calls. Therefore, this crucial element should not be ignored. By using proper tactics, working smarter, and training your team in the right way, the feature of a live chat can be a game-changer for your company.

At Geo Tie LLC, we understand the importance of live chats, which is why 24/7 live chat support can always be found on our website along with an agent to assist our clients at all times. Here are some ways in which live chats help in affecting conversion and the things you should remember when developing this feature for your website:

  • Make your live chat agents available 24/7, because this helps with conversions across all times of the day. Not every customer will visit your website during the working hours or the weekdays. Therefore, having an agent answer their queries all the time is imperative.
  • Canned messages are useful but should be used sparingly. When the questions are generic, the agents can go for canned messages, but be sure that they don’t sound too robotic. Instead, ensure the customer feels satisfied following a live chat.
  • Pre-chat surveys should be integrated as well. These help in determining the necessary data about the respective customers, so that they can be redirected to the relevant information accordingly.
  • Live chats become even more important to retain the returning customers. Using the live chat feature, you can provide these customers with information regarding discounts and special offers and also personalized recommendations based on their previous purchases. This way, the customer realizes that you’re giving them importance, which will in turn encourage them to keep coming back.

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