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It's near impossible to operate a successful website without the application of search engine optimization. SEO is crucial to website performance and a critical factor in driving your traffic, conversions, and sales.

Mitchell Alomar is proud to state that our free SEO checkup tool is the perfect way to establish the effectiveness of your current SEO strategy. We want to guide you in making any necessary changes to your plan while putting the best SEO practices into play. 

A Complete, Free SEO Analysis

Our free SEO checkup tool offers a complete SEO analysis for clients who need to know where they stand regarding their competition and position on Google. When finished, users can follow the lead given by the results, which point out the SEO issues that need fixing to rank higher.

We want to provide those that utilize our free SEO checkup tool with a comprehensive list of errors prohibiting their site from reaching Google's first page. Users can figure out what fixes will matter the most and start from there.

Once finished, we encourage running another test to make sure they have correctly implemented changes.  

SEO URL Checker and Site Speed

Our free SEO checkup tool helps clients check the URL and site speed of their websites. Google bots take both of these site aspects into consideration when crawling sites, which means they've got to be SEO friendly.

Site speed plays a significant role in determining how long a visitor will stay on a website. If the pages are taking too long to load, they'll likely bounce from whatever page their viewing back to the search engine results.

Google looks at that bounce rate as an indication of the information your page has to offer. Business owners want a low bounce rate, and our free SEO checkup tool can help. We'll make sure all URLs are user-friendly and rich in keywords as well! 

Fully Grasp the Power of Your Backlinks

The backlinks to any site are essential to Google ranking because they determine how high the site rates within Google when it comes to authenticity and quality information. An audit of the backlinks helps assess domain score and take inventory of the sites who've linked to the users' webpages.

We can provide users with their traffic metrics, thereby encouraging them to see what SEO methods and targeted keywords are working for their sites and which ones are failing.  

Helping Businesses Improve SEO Traffic

We know how time-consuming and frustrating the application of search engine optimization can be. So often, business owners spend hours of their precious time building an SEO strategy that doesn't work, forcing them back to the drawing board.

Mitchell Alomar is well-versed in every aspect of SEO and highly recommend our free SEO checkup tool as the perfect place to start a full audit. Most businesses will likely require a professional to step in and implement the detailed parts of the process, but our SEO tool offers a solution to entrepreneurs facing SEO blocks.

For fast, accurate results, try our SEO tool today!